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"Well, I'll be damned, here comes your ghost again."
- Joan Baez
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image of book cover Buffalo Stories
Paperback: 212
Outskirts Press (Oct. 2006)
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Click to download this short story: 01. Half Empty
Click to download this short story: 02. Ghost Train

In the city of Buffalo, NY, lives a diverse and eclectic population of people. You will meet some of these people in “Buffalo Stories.” There is Seever Dilliard, a drug addict who can't seem to climb out of the hole he's dug for himself. And Gwen Davignon, a photographer and recovering alcoholic, who's in love with her best friend and afraid to tell her so. There is Amy Ashton, whose Obsessive Compulsive Disorder prevents her from getting over John Lennon's murder. And gamblers Craig Wyatt and Sam Flannery, who both turn out to be completely different than Ezekiel Waarchinski believes they are. You will meet a painter named Daniel who is struggling with his love for a married woman. Lastly, you will meet Casey Castiglione and Kira Nailor, whose new-found friendship puts them on a surprising path.

Posted on Buffalorising.com by Nicole Hynes
Buffalo Stories is a well crafted collection of 10 short stories revolving around people in the Queen City. If you weren’t from Buffalo, you’d recognize the city from afar after reading this collection. Buffalo Stories is rich in descriptively textured narratives – recounting life lessons, some closer to home than others. Put abstractly, the essence of Buffalo Stories is comparable in nature to the beast that controls every idiosyncratic society, human nature. From problems associated with alcoholism and other vices, relationships to suicidal thoughts and introspection this book has it all. Diane is an intense, passionate storyteller. Her words caress the transcendent notion of love and addiction and the desire of them.
Posted on Amazon.com by D. Pipitone
Diane doesn't pull punches in BUFFALO STORIES - people die, they break up, they have hard lives. Kinda like Buffalo.