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"Well, I'll be damned, here comes your ghost again."
- Joan Baez
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image of book cover Painting Katherine
Paperback: 484
iUniverse (April 1, 2003)
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Washington, D.C. artist Vincent Vermay's world is unraveling. He can no longer paint. He no longer understands his wife Kate. When Kate inherits an old Victorian in North Tonawanda, NY from her grandmother Katherine Malloy, Vincent falls in love with the house and moves in. Kate remains in D.C. and the separation strains the marriage further. On the Victorian's third floor, Vincent discovers a magical violin that takes him back in time to 1926, where he meets twenty-year-old Katherine Malloy. Katherine has given up her career as a concert violinist to marry Jethro Malloy, an abusive man. Katherine's beauty inspires Vincent to start painting again. He returns to the past several times to paint her portrait. Vincent also meets actor Norman Lassiter, who loves Katherine so much, that he quits acting and turns businessman, partnering with others to build a grand theatre in North Tonawanda. As Vincent grows closer to Katherine, he realizes what motivates his own wife. He also realizes that Katherine's life would be better with Norman. Vincent can make this happen on December 30, 1926, opening night of Norman's new Riviera Theatre. He can change Katherine's life for the better. But dare he?

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The author's first novel, 'A Switch in Time,' was a good one. I liked it because it was based on real historical people and an interesting switch in time of one of them. 'Painting Katherine' is very good, too. The town is real. The theater exists; and Vincent is a sweetheart who faces tragedy, or possible happiness, for himself and others in both time periods. What will he do? What can he do? Every day I looked forward to reading on--and finished in three days!
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Excellent Second Novel! If you haven't read this new talented writer it's time. Get a first edition while you still can -- for fans of mystery and the magical fantasy of time travel -- this is one not to be missed. When you've finished and see what I'm talking about do yourself another favor and read the author's debut novel 'A Switch in Time'.