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"Well, I'll be damned, here comes your ghost again."
- Joan Baez
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image of book cover A Switch in Time
Paperback: 284
iUniverse/Writer's Showcase Press (Dec. 2000)
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While portraying John Wilkes Booth in a play at Ford's Theatre, actor Roger Eberth switches places in time with John Wilkes Booth at the exact moment that Abraham Lincoln is shot. In the future, Booth is held captive by Rogers fiancee, Camille Merce, who enlists the aid of physicist Ernesto Marquez in hopes of switching Roger and Booth back. In the past, Roger must convince those around him that he is Booth so that history will run its course. As he plays his ultimate role in 1865, Roger hopes that Camille will find a way to bring him home.

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If you like time travel, history, or the Civil War, "A Switch in Time" has all three. Before and after actor Roger Eberth and Booth switch places in time, there is plenty happening in both eras to keep you turning the pages. I found myself worried about Roger but intrigued by Booth and interested in the history. My neighbor, a retired teacher, found "A Switch in Time" to be a page turner, also, and was impressed with the inclusion and accuracy of Booth's escape route, as well as other historical references. We both highly recommend this book.
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If you like history and time travel, you'll love this story. It has well rounded characters and a believable plot. The story of John Wilkes Booth is shown in a different light. With it's unique plot twists, this book will keep you hooked.