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"It’s a knock-down-drag-out perfect place to begin."
- Alison Pipitone
Diane's Works
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image of book coverBuffalo Stories
In the city of Buffalo, NY, lives a diverse and eclectic population of people. You will meet some of these people in “Buffalo Stories.” There is Seever Dilliard, a drug addict who can't seem to climb out of the hole he's dug for himself. And Gwen Davignon, a photographer and recovering ...
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image of book coverPainting Katherine
Washington, D.C. artist Vincent Vermay's world is unraveling. He can no longer paint. He no longer understands his wife Kate. When Kate inherits an old Victorian in North Tonawanda, NY from her grandmother Katherine Malloy, Vincent falls in love with the house and moves in. Kate remains in D.C. and the ...
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image of book coverA Switch in Time
While portraying John Wilkes Booth in a play at Ford's Theatre, actor Roger Eberth switches places in time with John Wilkes Booth at the exact moment that Abraham Lincoln is shot. In the future, Booth is held captive by Rogers fiancee, Camille Merce, who enlists the aid of physicist Ernesto Marquez ...
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Songs and Poetry:

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 icon of music pad Ani DiFranco Sings
A poem about Ani DiFranco singing.
 icon of music pad Kevin
A poem about a good friend and musician who was taken suddenly from our world on October 15, 2008.
 icon of music pad This Guitar
A poem inspired at one of Alison Pipitones performances.