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"Well, I'll be damned, here comes your ghost again."
- Joan Baez
Diane's Guestbook
9:19 PM
Northampton MA
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Hi Diane! I love the website! Can't wait to read more of your work, old and new!
9:06 PM
Marcia Mavis Joyce
Pendleton, NY
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Hi Diane - Congrats from an old friend. So excited to hear how well you have done since H.S. days. Please update any events you might have going on, I would love to catch up with you.
11:03 AM
Beth Dunch
Rochester, NY
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Hey There Diane Do you have time for a coffee with a old friend? Beth
4:27 PM
Matt Leffler
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Signing from iPhone!
4:31 PM
N.T., NY
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"Buffalo Stories" was awesome. What are you writing now? I can't wait for your next book.
4:54 PM
James Gould
Hernando, Florida
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Always a fan. Keep strummin.
1:14 PM
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Diane, you are a fantastic author and talented musician. I enjoyed reading Buffalo Stories. I also enjoyed listening to you at open mic at clarence center coffee house. keep up the good work.
4:21 PM
Gina Pounds
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Diane, great site and good to see you happily in the swim of things...music, writing, the artist thing! best of luck to you, always Gina rdippy.com
8:27 PM
Gene Parola
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Aloha, Diane-- The site's beautiful. Hope it works for you. I've decided that I have to decide if I'm a writer or a marketer. Tough call. Visit me at www.diamondhawaiipress.com Tough call. Visit me at www.diamondhawaiipress.com
8:17 PM
Tom Waters
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Thanks for helping to make April Foolfest 2 such a huge success with your wonderful laugh and your participation, Diane. Lindsay and I think very highly of you as a friend and a writer and I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to hear you recite your poem for us at the event. Perhaps at Caz Coffee? Thank you also for the book plug. That was really nice of you. You know better than most that every little bit of promotion helps, and based on the early responses from Wednesday, I'm really hoping that S&S is a huge financial and critical hit! Time will tell, eh? And what the hell is up with Kyle calling you 'ma'am'? You NEVER call ANYONE ma'am. That's Basic Etiquette 101, fer chrissakes! Have a great week and hopefully we'll see you soon, Tom Waters www.tomfoolery4.wordpress.com
12:38 PM
Hartsel, CO -- the real South Park area.
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Yo, smo! Finally made it to your site. Really like it. Glad to read you are working on two more books, which I didn't know about I might add--at least I don't think I knew about them. Yikes! Love that caricature.
8:45 AM
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Let's go to the movies. I really want to see "Marley and Me."
9:51 PM
Kyle J. Kaczmarczyk
Buffalo, NY
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Hello, ma'am! It was excellent meeting you at the Book Fair!
7:18 PM
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Hi! I really like the new look around here. Very easy to navigate. And that feather quill is a great blue color. (of course I'd notice that.) I'm also really glad you took down those pictures of me! lol!
6:29 AM
tom waters
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Diane!, Love the new overhaul! Thanks for pitching in so often on the Monsters Of Verse Tour. I had a blast with you at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair and you help to make these 7 hour conventions a little less nerve wracking. Good luck on editing the new book and I can't wait to read it! Meholick fan for life, Tom Waters www.tomfoolery4.wordpress.com
10:23 AM
Orchard Park, NY
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Hi Diane, welcome to your new guestbook! I hope this brings a lot of fun and adds a lot of interactivity to your new site. Have fun! ~ Sue