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"Words are the fruit of the soul."
- Sue Barth
Diane's Guestbook
6:29 AM
tom waters
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Diane!, Love the new overhaul! Thanks for pitching in so often on the Monsters Of Verse Tour. I had a blast with you at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair and you help to make these 7 hour conventions a little less nerve wracking. Good luck on editing the new book and I can't wait to read it! Meholick fan for life, Tom Waters www.tomfoolery4.wordpress.com
5:50 PM
Buffalo, NY
image of diane
Tom, love you, man. You inspire me. You keep me writing. And you make 7 hour book signing stints a whole lot more fun. See you April 1st. And I'm not fooling.
7:34 AM
Elissa J. Young
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11:08 AM
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