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"It’s a knock-down-drag-out perfect place to begin."
- Alison Pipitone
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8:27 PM
Gene Parola
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Aloha, Diane-- The site's beautiful. Hope it works for you. I've decided that I have to decide if I'm a writer or a marketer. Tough call. Visit me at www.diamondhawaiipress.com Tough call. Visit me at www.diamondhawaiipress.com
2:07 PM
Gene Parola
Honolulu, HI
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Have you taken a look at my books at www.smashwords.com Would you like to swap reviews? If our books are priced the same, there would be little cost for either of us and the results might be increase sales. Regards, Gene
2:59 AM
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that song says much. Is probably my fatvrioe by Stevie Nicks, and that also speaks volumes, considering the huge number of wonderful music she's produced, both alone and as part of Fleetwood Mac. Oddly, I've been here a thousand times, and never thought to stop at your bio. That doesn't say much for my powers of observation. Lol! I'm so very glad we connected on twitter. You are so talented, and I look forward to reading more of your poetry. Thank you for sharing these bits of your soul.
11:14 AM
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Thank you sooooo much for your pgdlee of $2,500 to the Service High School Cheerleaders and Booster Club in Anchorage Alaska. The Service High Cheerleaders are the ONLY Alaska Cheer Team to have been invited to perform in the Champs Bowl Half Time Show in Orlando Flordia at Christmas 2012. As it is expensive to get uniform gear and travel all the way from AK to FL and back, we really really appreciate the monetary pgdlee. It's sure gonna help out alot! The girls are sooooooo excited for this once in a life time opportunity. Thanks again. This is such a blessing. Melanie Stromme.